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Reach the next level of performance with specialised functional training

At HEXA Health Hub, our passion is helping develop sportsmen into becoming better athletes. We do this by thoroughly assessing your baseline level of function, and determining the key movement patterns required to excel in your field. From here, we create a personalised and tailored functional strength program dedicated to enhancing your athletic performance.

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HEXA Health Hub in North Perth has a specific interest and experience in creating athletic development and functional strength programs for endurance athletes, such as runners and triathletes. These particular athletes have a high injury rate due to the significant amount of repetition placed on the body; therefore, creating exercise rehabilitation programs and performance programs which decrease injury risks while improving performance become vital to long term success. Whether you're a seasoned runner wanting to improve on your marathon time, an experienced triathlete training for an Ironman event, or getting into a sport and wanting to steadily improve without getting injured, HEXA Health Hub can help you.

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