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Physical Therapy Session


Follow through a custom treatment plan 1-on-1 with your Physiotherapist

At HEXA Health Hub in North Perth, we have a big emphasis on working together with our clients to follow a plan to fix the root cause of their injury, and this is most often done through exercise. An exercise rehabilitation plan aims to improve a person's muscular strength and endurance, and build on the load tolerance of a particular problem area in someone's body, especially following an injury. The end goal of this being that nothing in your day to day life is anything close to the load you have placed upon your body in a controlled environment, so that you significantly decrease your risk of re-injury.

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Exercise rehabilitation plans are also extremely important for people who have suffered a specific traumatic injury, such as a rolled ankle, shoulder dislocation, twisted knee, and so on. When we injure ourselves, we often have a period of rest and inactivity as a way of letting the injury settle down and decrease in symptoms. The problem with this is periods of inactivity cause us to decondition and have our muscles begin to waste away. Then once our pain has settled, we attempt to go back to our normal exercise or daily routines, and can often find random aches and pains lingering around our original injury site as a result of our now deconditioned body. This puts us at a significantly higher risk of re-injury. If you have suffered from a specific acute injury, it is imperative that you have it assessed and treated by an experienced Health Professional/Physiotherapist, and have an individualised and tailored exercise rehabilitation program created specifically for you to follow to help get you back to 100% as soon as possible, with the best chance of not suffering a recurring injury when you return to your daily routine and exercise again.

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