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Shoulder Massage


Remedial or sports massage to relieve muscle tension and aches

Massage therapy is the practice of manipulating the body's soft tissue structures (muscles, ligaments, tendons) to elicit a decreased pain response and relaxation as a way of helping to rehabilitate injuries, and keep the body functioning at it's best. It utilises a variety of different pressures, techniques, tools and strokes to help knead out knots and tight points in muscles, lengthening out muscles, aiding in injury healing through increased blood circulation, flushing out excessive swelling and much more.

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Some of the benefits to receiving massage treatment from a Physiotherapist are:

  • University-qualified Health Professionals

  • extensive knowledge of the body and its musculoskeletal system

  • able to provide the best education for total body care based on the latest up-to-date research and university training

  • ability to guide you through rehabilitation plan following symptom relief phase of an injury, while already knowing and understanding your body (avoids you needing to explain your injury 10 times to different Health Professionals)

  • option to swap to a Physiotherapy consult during massage session to incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises as a way of best achieving your desired outcomes

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