Improve your posture with 12-week block guided strength training

The Physiotherapists at HEXA Health Hub are the posture professionals of Perth. Your posture, or what position you hold yourself in throughout the day, is your muscle system holding your skeletal structure in a certain position. Therefore, train your muscle system specifically, and your posture will improve.


It takes approximately 6 weeks to elicit muscle and strength changes, and roughly double that to notice postural changes occurring. As such, we have developed a 12 week posture program specifically designed to help guide you through the process of improving your posture, working 1-on-1 with a Physiotherapist in our private rehabilitation gym. Block booking your appointments is available, ensuring you book the time best suited to your schedule, as consistency over a period of time is the number one necessity to guaranteed results. We also offer 20 session booking packages at a discounted rate. To find out more, feel free to call the clinic, or book in for a session online.