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Elite sports care for the athlete AND active community alike

Sports Physiotherapy is the science of diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating injuries sustained during sports and physical activities. The difference between General Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy is the focus on performance and returning to your specific sport.

Sports Physiotherapy: Services

Typically, General Physiotherapy focuses on returning clients back to their baseline level of functioning, while improving the understanding of their body and body's mechanics. Sports Physiotherapy is very individual, and requires a tailored rehabilitation program specific to an individual's sport to optimise their functioning upon return to sport. A specific and individually tailored rehabilitation program will ensure a desired outcome of faster return to sport, with decreased risk of re-injury, and if so desired by the client, guidance by their Physiotherapist on a strength and conditioning plan to improve performance within a client's given sport to be better than pre-injury status. At HEXA Health Hub here in North Perth, our Sports Physiotherapy service is world class, and one of the best in Western Australia. Our team's experience working with some of Australia's best athletes, and through constant continued education and learning, has allowed us to better assess our clients, to then create very specific programs for each individual's needs which get them back to their activity faster, and fitter.

Some of the most common sporting injuries we regularly successfully treat in the clinic are:

  • rehabilitation programs following ACL reconstructions, and ACL prehab training

  • sprained ankles

  • muscle corks

  • muscle tears and strains

  • stress fractures

  • repetive strain injuries

  • golfer's elbow

  • tennis elbow

  • back pain from poor gym technique and muscle imbalances

  • rotator cuff tears

  • shoulder impingement

  • hip impingement

  • runner's knee

  • achilles tears

  • ITB friction syndrome

  • bursitis

And much more!

The team at HEXA Health Hub are very experienced in providing world class Physiotherapy for athletes and the active community in sports such as:

  • triathlon

  • AFL

  • soccer

  • gymnastics

  • karate

  • tae kwon do

  • hockey

  • basketball

  • tennis

  • golf

  • netball

  • volleyball

  • MMA

  • boxing

  • dancing

  • weightlifting

  • powerlifting

  • athletics

  • running

  • swimming

  • cycling

  • gym 

And many more!

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