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Modern day acupuncture for those stubborn trigger points

Dry needling is the insertion of a fine needle into specific points within muscle tissue to elicit a muscle fibre twitch response and a decreased pain response. The needle can often help where manual therapy is unsuccessful by allowing deeper muscle fibres to be interacted with compared to manipulating the superficial muscle fibres closer to the surface of the skin through manual hands on techniques.

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Some of the benefits of dry needling are:

  • increased blood flow to the needled area

  • decreased pain

  • aiding restoration of normal muscle and joint movement and range

  • trigger point and taut muscle band release

  • stimulates tissue healing by causing microdamage to the underlying muscle fibres and restarting the repair process

If you feel like you would benefit from having some dry needling done, or would like more information, feel free to call the clinic, or book in online for an Initial Consultation with one of our Physiotherapists.

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